Country Rainbow

Country Rainbow


Storm chasing had afforded me many amazing photographic opportunities and this image was one of them. I was out near Wellington in Central West New South Wales watching and chasing thunderstorms with friends and it had been an interesting day. Storms had fired up as they say from Orange right through to Dubbo and beyond and the storm that produced this rainbow was the last storm of the day. The contrast in the light in the afternoon behind a thunderstorm can be spectacular, especially out in the country and when we turned onto the road to Mudgee from Wellington and saw the back of this storm lit up and the rainbow persisting I knew that we were onto a winner! We stopped about 1km from Wellington and I shot a series of photographs and this was the easily my favourite. The light really was that orange, thanks to the setting sun and the rainbow was glowing intensely from top to bottom. Is there a pot of gold? The rainbow, a symbol of peace and promise and a sign that the worst is over, the storm has passed and peace has set in.

Available in an edition of 20


Product Description

All of my limited edition artworks are printed on only the highest quality archival art papers using the latest professional inkjet printing method. Once printed they are personally reviewed for any imperfections and once approved for release they are shipped unframed and rolled in a solid cardboard tube to ensure no handling damage. In the perfect conditions these prints are designed to last generations and should provide you with a lifetime of pleasure as long as they are framed and hung correctly.

I also take my limited editions seriously and I have information on the nature of my limited editions here: Limited Edition Prints


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