Misty Morning

Misty Morning


I headed to the Nepean River before dawn in the hope of capturing a nice sunrise image. The sunrise was nice and there was a nice orange glow on the horizon but the river looked a bit empty. Just then to my surprise I heard a splashing noise coming from under the bridge, I looked over the edge and there was a guy in a kayak paddling up the river, I couldn’t believe my luck! I shot a series of images as he slowly paddled into the distance and this was the image that worked the best. The lone kayaker and his wake helped to fill the large empty void of the river but he also added an extra human dimension that I didn’t even anticipate. To me this image speaks of overcoming, of getting out there and having a go and not being afraid to go it alone when you have to in life. Sometimes you just need to get up early, get out there in a quiet place and go it alone, clear your head and go somewhere unique.

Available in an edition of 100


Product Description

All of my limited edition artworks are printed on only the highest quality archival art papers using the latest professional inkjet printing method. Once printed they are personally reviewed for any imperfections and once approved for release they are shipped unframed and rolled in a solid cardboard tube to ensure no handling damage. In the perfect conditions these prints are designed to last generations and should provide you with a lifetime of pleasure as long as they are framed and hung correctly.

I also take my limited editions seriously and I have information on the nature of my limited editions here: Limited Edition Prints



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